What is an editor without powerful editing tools. Pixanova offers you tons of editing tools from simple effects, glitch, distorts like warp and perspective to brushes, clone, smear, heal and many more.




Pixanova comes with powerful masking tools. From completely automatic background removal to hair masking to manual masking, you will find all the necessary tools for your masking needs. 



With Pixanova you can edit your photos with layer, just like on your desktop. You can add as many as 24 layers of images into a project. You can duplicate, merge, hide, delete layers just like in desktop.

Pixanova photo editor is designed to easily replace the background of your photos. You can accurately remove the background automatically, semi automatically or manually.
And not just background changer, Pixanova is an advanced photo editing tool with powerful features like layers and masking and tons of other photo editing tools like heal, clone, brushes, smudge, warp, perspective, cast shadow, blending modes, filters, special effects, custom fonts, curves and a lot more. Pixanova will provide all the necessary tools to turn your creative imaginations into real masterpieces.
Whether you are a professional or an amateur, you will be amazed by the power Pixanova gives to your fingertips. Composing images with multiple layers, double exposure, superimposing is easier than ever.

All your work is organised in projects that also preserve your undo/redo history. In-app library of stickers/cut outs/masks helps you preserve your cut outs so that you can use them later.

Packed in a beautifully designed interface that does not intimidate you, despite the amount of capabilities it comes with.
To list out a few features...

• Multiple layers support upto 24 of them!

• 18 Blending modes.

• Layer opacity.

• Numerous masking tools. From magic wand , magic lasso, predefined shapes, smart brush to simple brush.

• Fully automated background removal tool that can cut out accurately.

• Filling of a layer directly from the camera, with real time rendering with its mask and blending modes.

• Cast shadow tool.

• Light wrap tool.

• Masking Library to store your masked images, cut outs.

• Project library, that automatically stores all your projects with undo/redo steps.

• Object removal or heal tool that can remove unwanted objects automatically.

• Non destructive adjustments and layer blur.• Non destructive beautiful photo effects.

• An amazing Clarity tool.

• Advanced adjustment tools.

• Tools like Text, Selective Blur, Motion, Zoom and Spin Blur, Lens Blur, Gradient, Little Planet and more.

• Number of distorting tools like Warp, Perspective transform and more.

• Numerous paint and effect brushes and option to customise them.

• Smudge brush• Clone stamp brush• Brush for Darkening, Lightening, Desaturating etc.

• Option to export PSD with layers.• Access to more than a million royalty free stock photos.

• Most tools have a masking option so that you have the flexibility to edit only selected parts of your image.

...and many more.

You do not need to trust us blindly, just try it out for free!